Yong Hong's Reflections...

Pre-camp reflections 

1. What interests you about this project? 

I'm interested on the theory of conservation of energy, kinetic and potential energy (Project 3A). Also, I am interested about the effects of caffeine (Project 3B).

2. What do you want to learn by doing this project? 

I want to learn about how caffeine affects the body and how caffeine can be harmful or beneficial (Project 3B). I also want to learn how the theories of physics can be applied to our everyday life and beyond (Project 3A).

3. What questions do you have about this project? 

For both projects: What is/are the learning outcome of the course and how can it be applied? What is/are the essential understanding by the end of the project? Most importantly, how fun will the project be? ;)

4. What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project?

At the end of this project, I would like to have a deeper understanding of  the effects of physics in motion and the effects of caffeine and other chemicals on the human body. I want to be able to apply them to my existing knowledge and apply them to real life.

Reflections on Plenary Sessions. 

For each plenary session, consolidate your learning by answering the following questions: 

5. What are your key learning points? 

I learnt that we have to move forward with our tasks of creating the blog etc. more quickly  in order to keep up with the rest of the class and not get left behind. This problem can be easily rectified by getting all the group members involved and motivated to work towards the project.

6. What new questions do you have about the topic? 

For Project 3A: Is this the same as the lab task we did in sec 1 with the pascal cars? Or is it something new altogether? 
For Project 3B: Is this in any way linked to molecular gastronomy?

Reflections on Applied Project Challenge

Discuss how the project has deepened your understanding and broadened your awareness of the selected discipline. 

What do you now understand about this discipline that you were unaware of at the beginning? 

Describe how what you have learned from doing this project can be connected to what you are learning at school. 

Describe how you can apply what you have learned from doing this project. At the end of the project, what new questions do you now have?

Note: Only questions 1 to 4 are my final reflections so far. Please feel free to comment; I appreciate any constructive feedback :)

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