Tuesday, May 15, 2012


16 May 2012


  • What does the group need to accomplish by the end of the project?
  • Caffeine Extraction: To successfully extract pure caffeine from the 10 tea bags that were provided, the caffeine being a solid powder.
    Fastest Ball: To find out the fastest time the ball can reach the end of the track, we had to use trial and error to find out the optimal configuration of height and eliminate the configurations that were not effective. They made the challenge harder by adding that in the competition rounds, we also had to find the correct configurations for the ramp as they would have one round without oil and one round with the track oiled.
  • How will you know whether or not your project has been successful? 
  • Caffeine Extraction: We would know should firstly be a green solid powder, and secondly, when run through an IR machine, the wavelengths that are recorded down from it are the same as the wavelengths recorded from a sample of pure caffeine, and if they are the same, the end-product that we have gotten is pure caffeine, and without any impurities.
    Fastest Ball: As long as we reduce the timing of the ball reaching the end of the track (we managed to speed the ball up from 0.79 seconds to only that of 0.61 seconds), it would be successful.

    Caffeine Extraction done by: Nathaniel and Isaac
    Fastest Ball done by: Yong Hong

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